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What is Workplace Assessment and why its required?

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At GROW Training, we help our clients establish a risk-free working environment.  Our expert accessors identify and advise on suitable duties while implementing preventive actions to solve common problems helping prevent injury and reducing operational costs.

A workplace risk assessment is a specialised service aimed at observing, evaluating and reporting on the physical, environmental and ergonomic requirements of your employee’s duties. During a session, using our Workplace Risk Assessment Template a wide range of data about the participant is collected and analysed to develop an idea about their wellbeing and overall health.

Why do you need a workplace assessment –

• Visual Display Unit (VDU) or Display Screen Assessments (DSE) Assessments are required under the 2007 General Application Regulations.
• VDU / DSE Assessments must be undertaken on all computer workstations where an employee will spend longer than 1 continuous hour per day on average or are basically habitual users of VDU / DSE equipment.
• The purpose of the VDU / DSE Assessment is to assess the ergonomic suitability of the workstation, work equipment and surrounding environment and its compliance with the 2007 General Application Regulations.
• The VDU / DSE User should be put first as every person is different and different adjustments may be required at each workstation due to the comfort and preferences of each user.

Full requirements and a Q&A from the HSA HERE

Conducting a workplace assessment

These are normally conducted on an entire workplace, however with Covid restrictions we access individual workplaces in the home. All employees, regardless of the industry, are prone to some level of work-related risks. Minor injuries can include back pains, strain injuries, stress and migraines. To improve workplace productivity, workplace wellness assessments are conducted and discussions with clients are held to determine if any persistent problems exist.
The sessions are currently taking place over zoom. Mostly it takes from 30 minutes. After an assessment, complete assessment reports are prepared, and you are issued recommendations to improve organisational health.

Benefits of a workplace assessment

All businesses are now required by law to ensure that all employees are assessed. However, the main aim is to create a workplace environment that does not interfere with employee performance.

A healthier and happier workforce Currently many employees are work from home with makeshift desks and chairs ect. our assessment can help ascertain the most suitable environment for them to be carrying out their daily duties. Through the evaluation, management can appropriately equip the work area for these employees, especially workers with disabilities.

Minimise workplace risks

A comprehensive workplace assessment will reduce the problems that predispose workers to injuries. This is achieved through the identification of the causal factors and the implementation of the appropriate prevention measures.
Eliminating persistent issues in situations where an organisation is faced with a persistent problem, an assessment can help discover the root cause. Signs of a problem include employee complaints and lack of motivation. A thorough workplace assessment can go a step further and eliminate problems before developing into a major concern.

We can Help you

To contact GROW Training to discuss how we can carry out Workplace Assessments for your company call Deborah on 083 401 4242 or email

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