Grow Training Newsletter May 2021

Grow Training Newsletter May 2021

Grow Training Newsletter May 2021This month in our Grow Training Newsletter we are featuring the challenges of working from home. As working from home is now the new norm and with the country slowly reopening and people transitioning back to the workplace. We are finding that people are now looking to stay working from home. It was reported in the Irish examiner back in Feb 2021 “that at least two in five Irish workers are in no mind to return to an office after the Covid-19 pandemic ends, while half want at least some form of remote working in the future”.

With a home-office setup they can be less than ideal with poor work-space, with the kitchen chair, the desk that’s too tall or small and the cramped laptop keyboard, have all become literally a pain in the neck oh.. yeah and shoulders and back and elsewhere.
Employers have a legal responsibility to protect the health and safety of all workers and that includes working remotely from home.
Therefore working remotely requires management and coordination to ensure employees are not put at risk and adequately protected from longer-term health and safety hazards or other issues that can emerge. Employers need to now look closer at how
best to prepare for remote working to support the wellbeing of employees.

Employees who spend longer than 1 hour at a computer screen, a VDU / DSE Assessment must be performed on all computer workstations. To stay compliant with the 2007 General Application Regulations the assessment looks at the ergonomic suitability of
the workstation, work equipment and surrounding environment. Experts agree that an ergonomic workstation, one that supports your body in a neutral position can reduce the risk of discomfort or pain caused to our bodies. This means: Your neck isn’t bent down or up and your back is in an upright position, your arms aren’t lifted or extended out, your wrists and hands aren’t bent up, and your spine isn’t twisted. The workstation fits the worker, not the other way around and a ergonomic workstation will help you sit comfortably at a computer for even long periods of time. But its very important you should still remember to take breaks and move every hour at least.

Give us a call for more details At Grow Training. We continue to work with you to ensure a safe and compliant return or in most cases continued work for you and your staff. As always, we are committed to providing you with excellent service and if you need any help, support or refresher courses contact us on or 0834014242.

Grow Training Learning Disability Awareness


Virtual Academy

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G R O W  S M A R T E R – G R O W  F A S T E R




CPD Approved

Course Description – Learning disabilities, however they are acquired, are lifelong. They are neurological disabilities and as such affect how an individual understands and remembers information, how they learn and communicate. People can be born with learning disabilities or they may acquire them later in life. There are many differing types of learning difficulty and they can exhibit in many different ways and with many different characteristics.
This course will start by giving you an overview of some of the common types and causes of learning disabilities and how they affect people. It will touch on how a person centred approach to care will get the best results and look at how management must perform, and at the needs of the individual. It will also discuss overcoming the stigma attached to learning disabilities and much more.  To book click HERE

Target Audience – a very wide audience as it applies to a wide range of people who work with both children and adults whether its teaching, training or working with children.

Advantages – CPD approval means that this course can be used by those that need to prove they are continually developing themselves. Online training is flexible, efficient and cost effective meaning the candidate can progress through the modules at their own pace and in their own time, so they can fit the training in around their work and personal life.

Further Progression – Other courses that you might benefit from and would be a great next step are: Introduction to Early Years Foundation Stage leading into child care and Introduction to Emotional Intelligence aimed at supervisors and managers that want to develop more effective relationships with members of their teams.

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Grow Training Learning Disability Awareness


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Health & Safety in the Home Workplace

Due to Covid 19 we are find ourselves working remotely / working from home more, and I am sure you may agree that this is a balancing act of another level.  We must be so aware of Health and Safety in the Home Workplace. What is fascinating is how aware we are when we are at home of keeping our surroundings in order and safe.

We are juggling multiple tasks such as watching the children and amusing them while trying to work, or remembering to take proper breaks, keeping up with all the housework (which tends to be getting bigger than usual the more we stay at home) and remembering to eat and shower and dress in normal clothes and not our lounge wear on top of getting the equivalent of an 8 hour work day in. Our days may appear longer or shorter working from home.

Setting up a work space can have its challenges

Such as finding a quiet space, ensuring the WIFI is strong and that you have a nice table and comfortable chair to work. You want to ensure your zoom calls don’t freeze or the children or family pets don’t come in on an important meeting! I’m sure this has happened to the majority of us working from home. For some of us, we tend to work where there is light and easy access to the kettle. The kitchen it is! You set this up and it looks great and is working well until you start to look around while you are trying to figure a solution to a work-related matter and you spot issues.  That wire is hanging a little bit too low there, what if the children start messing at it? I don’t fancy a trip to the children’s hospital today, I’ve loads of work on.

You stand up and you think, ooh I was sitting for way too long, and I need to stretch and feel that niggle in the body.  Your sitting at the table with a sandwich and a cup of tea and you accidentally spill it on your notes and have to start at the beginning again. Before you know it, you are calling electricians in which we are charged for before they step foot into our home, re-arranging your workspace as the kitchen is now not appropriate for work but it is for eating and lunch times & buying new ergonomic appropriate chairs. There is a huge financial strain here, just to work from home but it has to be done.

What we are unconsciously doing is risk assessments on health & Safety in the workplace! Which at present is our own home. The realisation that “actually having the right chair & sitting upright is a health & safety matter” making sure I don’t suffer with back issues. Ensuring there are no slip, trip and falls issues reduces the fear of an unsafe environment.  If you are not up to speed on Health and Safety check out our Training Courses HERE

Knowing Occupational first aid is important in case you are faced with an electrical burn or electrical shock from loose wires and overloaded sockets to give the right treatment as a first aider. This is all Health & safety in the workplace. We should never take chances or leave these work-related matters on “the long finger”!

I have now found a new appreciation for Health & Safety in the work place and realise not only the cost but the implications on both implementing safe measures and the repercussions of ignoring them. This can be minor or fatal! From assessing the work station, to knowing first aid to the importance of eating so we do not feel fatigue, all supports maintaining good health & safety procedures in the workplace whether it be at home or in the office.

This is important whether your working space is your kitchen or the office itself. Do not under estimate the importance of Health & Safety in the work place. If you are not sure how to do this, get some training and up skill. Follow the 4 R’s.

  • Risk Assess
  • Retrain if necessary
  • Report
  • Rectify

Some courses yo might find benificial –

  • Introduction to Personal Safety for Lone Workers Click HERE
  • Display Screen Equipment Awareness Click HERE
  • Workplace Health and Safety Click HERE

Stay Safe!

Jenn Regan


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