GROW Training January 2022 Newsletter

GROW Training January 2022 Newsletter

GROW Training January 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to Grow Trainings Monthly Newsletter

Another year on, a new variant, high numbers with covid, it feels we are in the same situation as this time last year with covid but are we really? In GROW Training we are in a much better situation, we all play a vital role, it still lies in our hands, continue with hand washing, wearing of masks and social distancing is helping to restrict the spread of infections. It’s our Time to step up, hold Firm and we can beat this, Training is the key in keeping your staff and customers safe while moving the business forward.

When it comes to training or learning there’s always something new to learn, with many reasons why people choose to learn a new skill. Whether you’re picking up a hobby or starting a new career, fresh knowledge and skills will be acquired. And eagerly embrace the challenge because lifelong learning has a lot of benefits. Investing in your learning and self-development will not only help you stay ahead of the curve but maintain your relevance and to ensure your future career success.

We continue to work with you to ensure a safe and compliant return or in most cases continued work for you and your staff. As always, we are committed to providing you with excellent service and if you need any help, support or refresher courses contact us on info@growtraining or  give us a call on 0834014242 for more details From the Team here at GROW Training.  We are looking forward to a good safe and health year and wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022.

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FEATURED COURSE – Your Personal Development

New Monthly promotion – Course price €25.00 – Discount Code #Janfb

Course Description – A key part of your progression within the adult social care sector will be focused on your personal development. In a number of sectors it is even a legal requirement to continue to develop your skills and knowledge and it is essential to ensure you are working to the most up to date standards and guidance. This course will start by looking at the way standards are set, monitored and regulated for social care organisations and workers. It then goes on to cover the codes of practice and legislation, reflecting on your work to ensure continued improvement, communication, feedback and much more.

Advantages – As this course covers a wide range of social care sector the course provides a strong basis to further build on with more training. Online training is flexible, efficient and cost effective meaning the candidate can progress through the modules at their own pace and in their own time, so they can fit the training in around their work and personal life

Target Audience – This course is aimed at anyone looking to focus on your Personal Development and looking for career progression.

Further Progression –  Courses that would complement this one would be Duty of Care, Autism Awareness, Dementia Awareness, Diabetes Awareness can all be found in our health and social care section on our website

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Monthly Support Courses:

Developing A Workplace Mental Health Policy

Equality, Diversity and Discrimination

Check out all our course on Health and Social Care HERE

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Very good explanations. In a very friendly atmosphere. Thank you! Katya

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Events and Campaigns 2021

(1st -31st ) Get Ireland Active       (17th-22nd) European Cervical Cancer Prevention

(2nd -17th) First Fortnight Mental Health Art & Culture Festival    (27th) Holocaust Memorial Day

(Jan/feb) KeepWell Campaign Healthy Ireland

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GROW Training Contact Information:

Phone: 0834014242 Email: Website:


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