• First Aid Responder Course

The aim of this First Aid Responder course is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to be a First Aid Responder. This course is also commonly known as Occupational First Aid.

Course learning outcomes:

At the completion of this First Aid Responder course learners will be able to:

  • Confidently assess a first aid emergency
  • Have the ability to confidently treat a patient who maybe experiencing life threatening conditions
  • Prevent further harm before the emergency medical services arrive to the patient
  • Respond to emergencies in a safe, effective, and appropriate manner
  • Record and document accurately any treatments given to the patient
Course Content:

• Patient Assessment
• Incident Procedure
• Common Medical Emergencies
• Injury Management
• Care of the unconscious patient
• Burns & Electrical Injury
• Hypothermia & Hyperthermia
• Information Management
• Communications
• Well being of the First Aid Responder

Course duration:
18 Hours delivered over three days

Learners will be assessed on five FAR skills including CPR

On successful completion of the course students will receive a PHECC First Aid Responder certificate

The price is €305 pp or €1,500 per group of 6 (only 6 learners per 1 tutor)

Please note that all courses are delivered through English.

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COVID-19 Restrictions

Please note that during the current Covid-19 restrictions, class sizes shall be as per HSE guidelines