• Cardiac First Responder Course

The aim of this PHECC Cardiac First Responder (CFR) Course is to provide learners with the knowledge, skills and attitude to train others as Cardiac First Responders.

Course learning outcomes:

On completion of this course learners will be able to:

• Explain the role of PHECC
• Explain the Chain of Survival
• Demonstrate Adult and Child CPR
• Demonstrate the correct use of an AED
• Demonstrate Adult and Child Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
• Explain Critical Incident Stress Management
• Explain the steps required in dealing with a stroke and heart attack
• Demonstrate the recovery position

Course Content:

• Recovery Position
• The Chain of Survival
• Adult C.P.R./Foreign Body Obstruction (F.B.A.O).
• Two person C.P.R.
• A.E.D. Skill and 1 Shock Scenario
• A.E.D. Multi Shock Skills Practice/ Skills Evaluation
• Infant C.P.R. & F.B.A.O. Skills
• Child C.P.R. & F.B.A.O. Skills
• Heart Attack and Stroke
• Legal & Ethical Issues
• Administration Issues
• Infection Control

On successful completion of the Course , the learners will be awarded a PHECC approved CFR certificate
Cost of this Course is €100 pp ( 6 learners to 1 Tutor in a group ) or €500 for a group.

Please note that all courses are delivered through English.

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