Health & Safety in the workplace   We are into our 9th Month of Covid 19 and find ourselves working remotely / working from home more, and I am sure you may agree that this is a balancing act of another level.  What is fascinating is how aware we are when we are at home […]

My ability helps your mobility! Day in the life of a frontline worker

Having worked in Health Care for many years there have been many experiences I can share with you that would make you laugh out loud and there are also many stories I could tell you that would bring a tear to your eye but I can save them for another Blog. Today I want to […]


This blog is about Workplace and health and safety topics

“Safety is Like a Lock but You are the Key”, so Health and safety training is really an  integral part of life, supporting learners with the tools and life skills essential in  situations within work and every day life.

Remember “safety doesn’t happen by accident”!