29 tips about MS you might not know

Multiple Sclerosis – 29 Tips You Might Not Know About MS

A friend of mine Mags Green whom I frequently call super woman, wrote this information for MS Readathon  run by Multiple Sclerosis Ireland Unfortunately she has first hand experience and is living with MS and by god she lives. Having 2 young fabulous children, a wonderful supporting husband and 2 Irish wolf hound which carry […]

GROW Training Survey results

Workplace Survey Results

Recently we surveyed our customers to see how happy they were working from home and how their workplace was set up for them to carry out their work each day. We also asked what challenges they were facing. The results were not surprising and more or less the same problems we face ourselves! Several people […]

Grow Training Newsletter May 2021

Grow Training Newsletter May 2021

This month in our Grow Training Newsletter we are featuring the challenges of working from home. As working from home is now the new norm and with the country slowly reopening and people transitioning back to the workplace. We are finding that people are now looking to stay working from home. It was reported in […]


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“Safety is Like a Lock but You are the Key”, so Health and safety training is really an  integral part of life, supporting learners with the tools and life skills essential in  situations within work and every day life.

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