• About Us

Grow Training is a small local training service that provides lifeskills & safety training.

Grow training is fully insured and are affiliated with accredited training centre and our CFR and FAR training is PHECC approved. We provide several training courses.

Working under the banner of a PHECC Recognised Training Institution ensures that all the training courses offered are regulated, and all Quality Assurance standards are met and we ensure we keep in line with PHECC CPGs (Clinical Practice Guidelines).

Grow Training Aims To Provide The Highest Standard Of Training
Our Vision is to be recognised as a leader in training and to achieve excellent standards through continuous quality and strong customer satisfaction.We are committed to bringing trainees together to motivate, inspire and empower each other to do things they never thought were possible.

Grow training offer blended learning to our increasing portfolio of courses. We put the enjoyment back into learning.
We believe health & safety is an integral part of life. Our Trainers are highly motivated to support learners with the tools to progress in an ever growing industry and workplace, and also training life skills which are essential in emergency situation and every day life.

We offer discounts for group bookings and / multiple days . We also welcome the Department of Social protection clients. Please contact your case officer for TSG funding.